“It’s all about rethinking the box! Removing friction.”

Aric Dromi, Chief Futurologist, Digital Philosopher and Professional Troublemaker at ‎Volvo Car Group

It’s the things I don’t expect that inspire me the most

Innoboard: There is no consistent definition for innovation. Every industry and every department has their own definition. How do you define innovation at Volvo? 

Aric Dromi: It’s all about rethinking the box! Removing friction.

You are “Chief Futurologist, Digital Philosopher and Professional Troublemaker“ at Volvo Car Group. What could you imagine under these job descriptions? What is especially the “Professional Troublemaker“ all about? And what do you actually do at Volvo?

I tend to see myself as a storymaker rather than a storyteller. I try to imagine our world 50 years down the road, the geopolitical movements, new technologies, social interactions, demographics and economics infrastructures. I’m looking for the reciprocal relationships between actors, trends and challenge Volvo not by giving answers but by asking question. I often push people out of their comfort zone and give them a brother angel to look at things. My passion is teleportation – after all it’s the ultimate way of traveling.

What are your sources for impulses and ideas? Which ones are recommendable, which ones are not?

It’s the things I don’t expect that inspire me the most. The contextual triggers between the mountains of infinite knowledge that technology gives us. Everything is important and everything is nothing.

What are the most disruptive trends for the automotive industry and Volvo?

I think that the most disruptive influences will come from a none existing trend or current player in the industry. It’s the maturity and combinations of things that will make this happen:

  • The Interaction Mesh
  • Ambient Experience
  • Advanced systems learning

These clusters will define the future of mobility.

The first step will be the redefinition of transportation services, then transportation of goods and automation of transportation of goods and you’ll end up with automated mobility.

If Apple really built a car, do you think they will be a serious competitor for the other manufacturers?


What is the most bizarre emergence of an innovation that you have seen in your career?

We stopped to questioning how technology works.


Looking into a new way of thinking about how things work, Aric Dromi helps advance philosophical research and related fields through innovation & technology. He tells stories about the future that could happen and develops concepts around what should happen.


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