New category “OPINIONS”

Innovation. Digitization. Change. Discussed controversially in many facets.

There exists not the right opinion or the one solution. Considering and discussing several opinions results in a better understanding of many perspectives and their implications for a better solution.

In this new category, hand-picked experts will discuss current topics of innovation and digitization. In the comment section everyone is invited to join the conversation. The impact of conversation is bigger than you think!

The following topics are coming soon:

  • Collaborations between startups and incumbents
    What can they learn from each other and what are the biggest threats?
  • Mobility of the future
    How can traditional vehicle manufacturers evolve to connected mobility providers?
  • The doomsday for traditional banking
    Will traditional banks be disrupted by FinTech startups? What role will banks play in the future?
  • Gamification
    Applicable to all industries or an overhyped approach?

We are looking forward to interacting with you!

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