How digital transformation opens up blue oceans to survive in the future

Digital initiatives need to fit into the corporate environment in three ways. First, a digital initiative needs to work on paper. Second, it needs to work in the market. Third, it needs to work by growing a firm’s bank balance. To fully profit from digitization, firms need to develop digital intelligence. This is the central capability needed to gain digital momentum and to facilitate a game change.

This book shows in a practice-oriented way how leading firms manage innovation, digital transformation, and disruptive business models. The book includes contributions by renowned experts at innovative firms, such as Allianz SE, Cisco Systems, comdirect bank AG, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Evonik Industries AG, Oracle, Terex Corporation, TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG, Turkish Airlines, and Volvo Car Group.

Doç. Dr. Temel Kotil, CEO, Turkish Airlines: “The digital tsunami is going to deeply affect every industry.”

Doris Krüger, Senior Director Future Innovation Strategy and Member of Group Supervisory Board, Deutsche Lufthansa AG: “And the aviation sector, too, will simply not survive if it clings to its ‘old’ business models.”

Andreas Mai, Director Smart Connected Vehicles, Cisco Systems: “Digitization is enabling exponential innovation.”

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