The old-fashioned garages are now called innovation labs


Why Do So Many Innovative Companies Start in Garages The legend of the multibillion dollar company that got its start in a garage is almost a cliché at…

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Why Innovation Can Mean Going Back to Basics First


Innovation: the word itself implies new, transformative ideas and technology. However, innovation depends heavily on what came before—the basics. When companies try too hard to be innovative, those…

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5 industries with the most innovative companies


Have you ever wondered where great ideas come from? If your company has ever stalled for the lack of innovation, then you’ve probably thought about it from time…

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What do the best innovation programs have in common?


An in-house innovation program is becoming a common fixture in the most competitive organizations. However, in a recessed economy, these research & development programs can sometimes get eliminated,…

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How to succeed in digital transformation


I would like to invite you to walk across the “Valley of Tech Death” – a technology wasteland where many businesses have poured millions of dollars, culled irreplaceable…

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Executing on Innovation – The Required Key Ingredients


Innovation: We all have seen the biggest, most successful companies talk about it and share their success stories. We have read about it in the latest business journals…

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Top 20 Most Influential Innovation Blogs from 2016


Over the past few weeks we have done the analysis of all of the big innovation bloggers to find evidence of who really are the best innovation bloggers…

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Industry 4.0 and the Internet-of-Things (IoT): Learning from the German Chemical Industry


    The keyword “Industry 4.0” is no longer an empty cliché or a black box; it is currently probably the most important topic within the German economy….

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Dichotomy of Intelligence – a thorny journey towards human-level intelligence


People have long speculated the vision on machines with human-level intelligent capability, and tons of scientists have dedicated themselves on this mission. Remarkable progress has bene made along…

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[Guest article] What is stopping open innovation?


Open Innovation has come of age.  It has become a mainstream activity in most leading companies. It is now established as corporate best practice with many successes. Eminent…

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Innovation in mature industries: the need for developing an entrepreneurial mindset


When thinking of innovation, many people typically consider technological innovation in dynamic industries. In particular, tech companies from the Silicon Valley are mentioned by many managers when talking…

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Attitudes to innovation: Fighting ‘passive consumerism’ in the implementation of innovation projects


Innovation is essential to enable companies to achieve a real advantage. Undoubtedly, there is much talk about innovation and change, but when it comes to actually implementing real…

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Innovation is key to Turkey’s long-term economic success and growth


In several years over the past decade, Turkey has witnessed an impressive economic development. Several industries have evolved dynamically, and some large companies are increasingly successful on global…

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The car as a data hunter: CES 2016 in Las Vegas


CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, is a globally recognized electronics and technology trade show, which is held in January each year at the Convention Center in Las Vegas,…

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Innovating in logistics services: five key insights for success


Innovation is often associated with high-technology industries. Manufacturing companies in these industries, such as electronics, biopharmaceuticals or medical equipment, develop completely new products which considerably advance the state-of-the-art….

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A dialogue with innovation promoters.


Innovations of new products or business models often appear as start-ups in the market. How do banks and investors see the issue of innovations? In corporations, innovation projects…

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Promoting Real Innovation at Volkswagen: Jump to the Next Curve or Die!


Volkswagen experiences the worst crisis of its history, and the long-term consequences of the emission scandal are still unclear. The company has reacted already, and the new CEO…

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Volkswagen’s EPA disaster in the USA: emission manipulation scandal instead of innovation for growth?


The Volkswagen AG currently faces penalties of up to $18 billion after it was accused of using particular software applications for diesel-powered cars that limit toxic emissions in…

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New mobility and connectivity trends at IAA Cars 2015 in Frankfurt.


Before the official start of the automotive exhibition IAA Cars 2015 in Frankfurt on Thursday, September 17, a group of four experts of ILI CONSULTING AG visited the…

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Innoboard’s emphasis and place among the top innovation blogs


We have recently transformed our innovation blog Until 2014, we had developed the blog to a leading innovation blog in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with many contributions in…

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“The doomsday for traditional banking“


Being a banker used to mean something. Now, the future for traditional banks looks gloomy for numerous reasons: social networks, low interest rate policies, and government regulations, to…

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10 favorite quotes about Innovation.


“Innovation has nothing to do with how many R & D dollars you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM was spending at least 100 times…

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„Leave the comfort zone!“


Maturity – one couldn’t be more ambiguous when referring to major and successful corporations, because success today invariably means a decline in willingness to change tomorrow. Weak innovation…

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Jump to the next curve. Or die.


Earlier, ice was gathered from a frozen lake and transported to the households to cool perishable food. This procedure was possible only in the winter and only near…

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