“We are at the edge of democratizing AI. That means also small companies will be able to use the advantage of AI.”

Andreas Klug, CMO in the German AI software specialist ITyX

Artificial Intelligence – Looking beyond the hype




About Andreas Klug

Andreas Klug, CMO in the German AI software specialist ITyX, is considered as an evangelist for digital transformation and founder of the „AI Experts“ initiative in Europe. As chairman of the working group “Artificial Intelligence” in Germany’s main IT association Bitkom, he is author of numerous publications around AI and Intelligent Automation. Check out his latest eBook „AI x CX – Artificial Intelligence is shifting Customer Experience paradigm“.



Questions to Andreas Klug:

1:04 One out of five companies (21 percent) in the digital economy indicated that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an important topic in 2017. A year ago, it was only one out of ten (9 percent). AI is one of the most hyped topics in the last 10 years. But the reactions are different. How do you see the opportunities for AI in the future – and where are the limits?

4:22 You are also a member of the AI group at Bitkom and you worked on several publications about this topic. What are the goals of this organization?

6:31 Where are the most valid case scenarios for the future? How will AI change the way we communicate with others / customers?

11:19 What is your goal regarding AI or the next 12 months?


Book: Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Your Customer Service.