About Us

Until 2014, we had developed the blog to a leading innovation blog in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with many contributions in German language. Since then, we have enhanced and redirected the blog in order to further enhance its impact – also beyond the German speaking regions in Europe. We cover a broader set of global topics with a focus on innovation, digitization, growth, entrepreneurship, and sense for opportunities. Now, Innoboard is the leading innovation blog in Europe.In light of the number and popularity of innovations blogs, Innoboard needs to have some particular features to ensure uniqueness and a clear value above and beyond the extant innovation blogs. Innoboard provides these unique contributions by emphasizing the following defining characteristics:

European perspective
Innoboard aims at having global reach, and many of our visitors and contributors are based in numerous countries around the world. Nonetheless, we leverage our distinctly European perspective since the majority of other leading innovation blogs is focused on the US. With its origin and roots in Germany, Europe’s strongest economy, Innoboard complements the majority of US-based blogs by offering additional insights into trends, strategies, and procedures of European companies.

Growth focus
The topics covered on Innoboard exceed pure innovation topics to give particular attention to the challenges and steps of achieving sustainable growth in companies. Being run by entrepreneurs, many contributions in our blog reflect the particular entrepreneurship orientation, sense for opportunities, and the willingness to circumvent any barriers in the course of achieving these opportunities. Innovation is a central driver for sustaining continuous growth in firms, and this is well reflected on Innoboard.

Executive approach
We complement the focus of many other innovation blogs on technology topics by having a clear emphasis on management challenges and best practices. Thus, Innoboard takes an executive perspective by offering the latest insights into successfully managing innovation and digitization for top management and upper management. With particular attention to strategic challenges, we do not review the latest tech gadgets, but provide new insights into successfully managing all kinds of innovation and the trend towards digitization.

Proven methods
Innoboard provides decision-makers in small, medium-sized, and large companies with new ideas and descriptions of proven methods, procedures, and answers to critical management issues. A strong focus of our blog is on interviews with innovation experts from a large variety of manufacturing firms and further organizations. As such, the contributions on Innoboard originate directly from industry experts in automotive, chemical, electronics, machinery, pharmaceutical and service firms.

Thought leadership
Many of the contributors to Innoboard are well recognized experts in their particular field, and they regularly give talks at leading industry conferences. We have published multiple books and articles on innovation topics, including articles in the German edition of the Harvard Business Review. The contributions on Innoboard, therefore, represent the latest thought leadership and expertise on innovation.

By highlighting these five distinct characteristics, Innoboard is a worthwhile complement to existing innovation blogs. So please check back regularly, we are looking forward to interacting with you! Please feel free to contact us anytime with comments, feedback, or ideas for new topics.

Dr. Serhan Ili is CEO of ILI CONSULTING AG. He works with leading companies from all industries in the fields of innovation and digitization. He regularly publishes articles, for example in the Harvard Business Manager, and books about various topics, such as Digital or Dead. He is a renowned expert for innovation as well as digital transformation, and he is often contacted for press interviews, for example by manager magazin, DIE ZEIT and Wirtschaftswoche. Dr. Ili studied Industrial Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany. He went on to receive a doctoral degree in Engineering at the Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG in the development center in Weissach and at the Institute of Product Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).
Manuel Kaiser is a Consultant at ILI CONSULTING AG and is based at our TechOffice in Palo Alto since March 2017. With a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, he focuses on projects in the fields of technology marketing and idea generation. He is Editor-in-Chief of one of the top recommended innovation blogs in 2017, innoboard.de. He edited the book ‘Innovation Compass – Conquer New Shores’.